Hiring a good marketing and public relations agency is a great idea for practically any business. However, it is particularly important in the world of cannabis brands. 

For example, publicizing any kind of hemp product is restricted on many social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, making it harder for business owners to attract new clients and grow their brands..

Before hiring a PR agency to help your cannabis company succeed, there are a few factors to determine which one is the best match to help you grow your business. Many professional firms can design successful strategies with impressive results, but some research on your part is required to find them and determine if their fees are in line with your business spending plan. The following tips will help you cut through the noise and find the perfect PR agency for your growing cannabis brand:

Search for Specialized Agencies

The cannabis industry is different from any other sector in many ways, and specialized advertising needs is only one example. To ensure that your investment will generate the desired results for your company, it is vital to choose a specialized PR agency that has proven experience with other cannabis brands.

Be sure to research PR agencies with an extensive portfolio of other cannabis clients. Try to think of a few companies that represent results you would like your company to achieve and find out which PR agencies represent them. Be Careful of Generic Marketing Plans

While it is true that there are indeed similarities among cannabis brands, each business has different needs and requires a personalized strategy. PR agencies offering one-size-fits-all plans are less likely to give you the results you expect, so it is important to look for firms that can personalize a plan for your brand.

When researching the right PR agency for your cannabis business, you should feel free to ask questions about their strategies and methods. And, assess the agency’s curiosity about your brand before agreeing on a proposal. If it seems like you are receiving only generic answers instead of a custom strategy, it is time to find another agency.

Look for Expertise

It can be hard to determine whether the PR agency you are hiring is offering expertise or empty promises. The best firms are those that can provide detailed explanations on the strategies they use and the results they expect to achieve. 

A very useful tip is to look at the PR agency ́s website and see if they have a “frequently asked questions” section or a blog where you can learn more about their specific actions and approaches. While every business is entitled to keep their particular approaches private,  it is crucial to ensure you are dealing with experienced professionals who will help your brand grow.

Understand the Value of Connections

Perhaps the most important goal for any PR agency is to present itself as a key player in the cannabis industry with meaningful connections to leading brands and experts. As the owner of a cannabis business, look for a firm that has developed a strong position and can help elevate your brand, and connect your brand to other successful businesses. 

Although the value of connections can be subjective and it is not always easy to determine which agencies are dialed in, looking for positive reviews, mentions, and recommendations is a good way to start. If you are planning to choose a PR agency that will become an ambassador for your business, look for one that has not only experience and expertise but also a reputable voice in the industry.

Know Agency Rates and Only Work with Transparent Companies

Marketing and PR  agency rates can vary wildly depending on their reputation, project length, actions taken, expected results. As a potential customer, however, the agency should be transparent about how much they charge for their services.

Before signing a contract with any PR firm, make sure their pricing system is clear and consider any extra charges that might not be included in the initial offer. Some agencies have hourly or daily fees, while others may charge a flat rate for each project; what matters is that they are transparent and available to answer any of your questions.

Set Realistic Goals

If you own a small business and want to take it to the next level, you can get results without hiring the most popular or expensive PR agency on the market. Be realistic with your budget, then try to find a firm that can work with you while still providing high-quality work.

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If you are a Cannabis-based business that’s ready to take off, we are ready to support you in establishing your vision. We are a full-service brand and cannabis marketing agency that has helped dozens of growing Cannabis businesses tell their story and make an impact in today’s highly competitive landscape. Let’s talk.

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