Although some countries, like Canada, and states such as Colorado allow brick and mortar dispensaries, there’s an increasing number of cannabis startup ventures launching online.

Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or a consumer looking for quality cannabis and CBD products, these startups are certainly worth keeping an eye on. 

Eaze: Cannabis Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

If you live in California, you may have a dispensary within driving or walking distance. However, many consumers, especially medical cannabis patients, may find it difficult to travel to their local dispensary to make purchases.

As its name suggests, Eaze’s mission is to provide access to cannabis through safe and legal delivery. This technological platform acts as a bridge between cannabis consumers and licensed dispensaries and allows for legally compliant companies to bring cannabis to your door. Eaze also utilizes a live-tracking system for every order to ensure proper delivery as well as age verification for each purchase. These innovations are not only helpful to businesses and consumers but could help cannabis markets across the country thrive.

Treez: The Software Every Cannabis Company Should Have

For cannabis businesses both large and small, Treez is an excellent software option to not only manage your existing businesses but to expand its reach. 

Treez was developed to provide POS (point of sale) and inventory management solutions for cannabis businesses and has industry-specific features to navigate every step of the process; from seed to sale.

Designed to be both user-friendly and solution-based, Treez allows users to track company performance and manage it with relevant and reliable information. Currently, Treez software manages up to $1B in sales every year across the United States.

Confident Cannabis: Laboratory Testing Made Easy

Before a cannabis product can hit dispensary shelves, it must undergo third-party laboratory tests. Confident Cannabis is a solution that streamlines the testing process for business owners. The Confident Cannabis startup facilitates the delivery of cannabis product samples to trusted labs, then ensures business owners receive lab results through a user-friendly interface.

This software, designed to connect cannabis businesses with certified laboratories, not only helps businesses meet legal requirements, but ensures dispensary customers that their cannabis is safe and the business can be trusted.

LeafLink: The Largest Online Marketplace for Wholesale Cannabis.

For both cannabis retailers and brands, finding reliable wholesale suppliers of quality cannabis can often be challenging. Cannabis Startup and wholesaler LeafLink, established in 2016, is one of the main suppliers of more than 2500 retailers across the United States. A main advantage of LeafLink over other traditional suppliers is the company’s intuitive software, which allows businesses to place and easily track large orders online.

LeafLink will also provide businesses samples to try before placing final orders, and best of all, their services are free for licensed retailers.

Flower CO: Online Memberships for Cannabis Consumers 

Most anyone who has tried to buy cannabis online could agree that finding quality products at attractive prices can be a difficult proposition Flower CO was established to solve this problem, with the goal of offering premium cannabis products at wholesale prices. This helps users save both time and money while attracting more customers to some of the best retailers in the country.

However, to gain access to Flower CO’s menu of cannabis products, consumers have to enroll and pay for one of two yearly memberships:  the Green package allows members to order flower, pre-rolls, and edibles, while the Gold membership grants access to all of the aforementioned, as well as live resin, shatter and cartridges. Some users may balk at the idea of buying an online membership for cannabis products they could purchase at a dispensary. However, Flower Co can help regular customers save time and money since their products are priced competitively and comply with the strictest quality standards.

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