When thinking of ways to expand your knowledge of the cannabis industry, chances are you may have skipped over the idea of podcasts. However, with free time increasingly becoming a valuable resource, listening to an expert share their insights while driving, running or doing any other regular activity is a great way to stay informed.

Whether you are involved in the medical aspect, cultivation, legalization, thinking of starting your own cannabis brand or are already managing a business, the following cannabis podcasts will keep you updated with the latest news, trends industry insights. Save your valuable time and give these podcasts a listen.



If you are looking for a more serious approach to the marijuana industry, CannaInsider is a great source of information. New episodes are released weekly, consisting of interviews and discussions with successful cannabis business owners and experts in the field. 


Marijuana Today

With its first episode being aired in 2014, Marijuana Today is one of the most popular and well-known podcasts in the cannabis industry of the United States. Its contributors hold deep discussions on the developments of the marijuana industry, with a special approach towards the business and politics side of it. 

Marijuana Today releases new episodes every week and is a great source of information for anyone who always wants to stay in the loop of the industry. 

The Cannabis Enigma

Your source for accessible, reliable information about everything medical cannabis, the conditions it can treat, and ways to ease symptoms and speed up recovery. Featuring interviews and conversations with doctors, scientists, patients, families, and experts. Brought to you by The Cannigma.


Dude Grows

The Dude Grows Show Cannabis Podcast was started by three marijuana experts who share useful information and new developments in a friendly and engaging manner. This podcast is particularly recommended for people who want to take advantage of the trend towards cannabis legalization across the United States and start experiencing the benefits of marijuana on their own


Weed + Grub

Hosted by Mary Jane Gibson and Mike Glazer, Weed + Grub is a fresh and funny podcast in which all sorts of cannabis-related topics are discussed openly. Although at times it might sound like a discussion between two friends, the fact is that both hosts have extensive experience in the industry and a deep knowledge of the relevant developments that are taking place in the country. Weed + Grub places special attention to the market of cannabis edibles, of which both hosts are particularly knowledgeable. Both Glazer and Gibson have written at High Times and participated in important marijuana conventions across the country.

The Green Rush

This marijuana podcast is geared towards business owners who want to grow their companies and stay on the top of the latest developments. Releasing one episode per week, The Green Rush regularly hosts successful entrepreneurs and cannabis business owners who are shaping the legal marijuana industry in the United States.

Unlike other podcasts on this list, The Green Rush has a more serious and facts-based approach, making it a reliable source of information for cannabis business owners and other stakeholders in the field.


Brave New Weed

The Brave New Weed podcast proudly describes their functions as: “Enabling you to know the smartest, boldest, wildest people from all walks of life who have an abiding interest in this most interesting plant.” And that’s true of a lot of the podcasts on this list. But what this particular show does that is nice is that it approaches the subject of cannabis accessibly without dumbing things down.

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