When considering the incredible changes that have occurred over the relatively short lifespan of the legal cannabis industry, it is difficult to fully comprehend how rapidly those changes have unfolded. Even a decade ago, simply mentioning the word “cannabis” could attract an odd look or two.

Today, however, cannabis or more specifically, CBD seems to be everywhere, from soaps to CBD gummies, cookies and many other common products.

However, the rise of cannabis’ popularity is due, in part, to extensive scientific research on the specific compounds of the plant, called cannabinoids, and other beneficial properties, like terpenes. Non-intoxicating CBD (cannabidiol) products, for instance, are now being used by thousands of customers from all around the world to address a wide range of conditions including pain, anxiety, stress and even the symptoms of severe neurological conditions. 

Legal Changes and Social Awareness

Humans have been consuming cannabis in one form or another for many thousands of years. However, the legal changes that occurred following state-by-state cannabis legalization in the U.S., and widespread legalization in Uruguay and Canada have been instrumental in creating social awareness and improved knowledge of the plant.  As laws loosened, domestic markets became flooded with new and innovative products. While vape tinctures and sublingual oils quickly became the most popular ones, some companies have innovated further with the creation of transdermal cannabis patches, CBD-infused drinks, and cocktails, sweet treats, and more.

As awareness of the cannabis plant’s ameliorative properties have increased and stigma has lessened, cannabis has gone from being a niche herb relegated to hippies and stoners, to and an attractive commodity to entrepreneurs vying for space in a fast-growing industry. Cannabis Products for Different Customers

Historically, cannabis has been consumed as dried leaves, which were smoked to experience its pain-relieving and intoxicating effects. As new scientific research has become available, new markets have sprung up to meet the demand for new and innovative cannabis consumption methods. Sublingual tinctures are one such innovation. They quickly gained popularity in Europe and the United States due to their high bioavailability rate and extraordinary efficiency. And tinctures are ideal for consumers who would like to partake of cannabis but would prefer not to smoke. Another cannabis consumption method that has changed the game are vaporizers or vapes.

Handheld vape devices are often preferred by cannabis consumers because they are discrete, quickly deliver cannabis compounds like THC and CBD, and won’t leave behind the tell-tale herby smell that smoking can. Other companies have moved into the manufacture of cannabis-infused edibles like gummy candies or cookies, which allows consumers to partake of tasty gummy candies or cookies instead of smoking or taking an unpleasant tasting oil. 

Beyond Edibles: Groundbreaking Cannabis Products that are Revolutionizing the Market

As consumption methods such as sublingual, vaping, and edibles have taken the cannabis industry by storm, other researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs are sharing the benefits of cannabis products that can be applied to the skin, through products like balms, creams, and soap, to name but a few.

Body and skincare products, especially those containing the non-intoxicating cannabinoid CBD, have exploded into mainstream use, not only because of its status as the latest health and beauty trend, but because CBD, believed to have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties,  has been shown to be effective at calming skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and even acne. 

But perhaps the main thing propelling cannabis’ debut into mainstream culture and increased social acceptance is that many people, especially those who have suffered negative side-effects from mainstream pharmaceutical regimens, have used cannabis to help themselves feel better from whatever ails them.  

If you’ve ever wondered about the future of the industry or are considering opening your own cannabis business, the moment could not be better. Cannabis legalization advocates in many Western countries are working with lawmakers to hasten the complete legalization of the plant.  In the meanwhile, the demand for new and innovative cannabis products continues to grow.

If you are a Cannabis or CBD based business that’s ready to take off, we are ready to support you in establishing your vision. We are a full-service brand and cannabis marketing agency that has helped dozens of growing Cannabis businesses tell their story and make an impact in today’s highly competitive landscape. Let’s talk.

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