By Oren Todoros 17 Sep 19
Five Tips On How to Choose The Right Cannabis PR Agency

Before hiring a PR agency to help your cannabis company succeed, there are a few factors to determine which one is the best match to ...

By Oren Todoros 15 Sep 19
A New Era: Cannabis Goes Mainstream

Today cannabis or more specifically, CBD seems to be everywhere, from soaps to CBD gummies, cookies and many other common products. Here's how cannabis went ...

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Five Hot Cannabis Startups to Keep an Eye On

Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or a consumer looking for quality cannabis and CBD products, these startups are certainly worth keeping an eye ...

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Cannabis Journalist Interview: Peter Page

This time in our ongoing series of interviews with cannabis industry journalists we're talking to independent journalist and writer Peter Page.

By Oren Todoros 29 Aug 19
2019 CannaImpact Cannabis Innovation Awards

The CannaImpact Cannabis Innovation Awards are designed to honor cannabis companies and business trailblazers deserving recognition for industry innovation.

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Designing an Unforgettable Cannabis Brand

The following tips will help you come up with the best ideas for your new cannabis brand. As always, it is crucial to have good ...

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CannaImpact Announces Strategic Partnership With Highlife Media

One of our main goals at CannaImpact is to provide creative and growth solutions for cannabis brands that go above expectations and to provide more ...

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5 Hot Cannabis Startups to Keep an Eye On

With an increasing number of countries around the world passing laws to regulate the usage of weed, many entrepreneurs have seen the opportunity to be ...

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How to Find Your Next Job in the Cannabis Industry

2018 was a monumental year for the cannabis industry. Several countries across the world have legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes and Canada became the second ...

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The 5 Best Cannabis Home Grow Boxes Compared

Starting to grow your own cannabis plants is both an exciting and challenging experience. After doing extensive research on the ideal conditions and setting up ...