One of our main goals at CannaImpact is to provide creative and growth solutions for cannabis brands that go above expectations and to provide more value than any other agency out there. Since our launch, we’ve aimed at helping entrepreneurs launch successful cannabis brands, from the initial research stage to impactful brand design and onwards towards consumer awareness and adoption. Part of this mission requires working with well established strategic distribution partners, which is why we’re proud to announce our partnership agreement with the Highlife Media Network.

This partnership opens opportunities to build even more impactful cannabis brands for our clients, and introduce them to a highly relevant and target engaged audience. The Highlife Media Network is one of the largest and fastest growing social media cannabis communities in the world, with over 20 million active followers.

By working together, both CannaImpact and Highlife Media can both nurture existing tech talent, increase value for our clients and empower our internal staff with additional resources. In addition, Highlife Media’s assets will assist in increasing brand awareness for our clients cost-efficiently.

“Highlife Media is one of the world’s fastest-growing cannabis related media outlets. We stand out from other cannabis news and marketing groups because we combine a grassroots sensibility with a world-class sense of humor.” Shard Marco Cadisch, CEO at Highlife Media.  “Also, we know that it’s a complex challenge to stay ahead on cannabis news and entertainment in today’s world. As such, we have developed diverse media offerings that are both entertaining and informative for cannabis enthusiasts around the globe.”

Highlife Media’s offerings are multi-faceted. To start, they celebrate the diverse cultures of the cannabis lifestyle with our flagship website International Highlife. Similarly, Highlife Media has a diverse pool of over 20 million active social media followers in their digital cannabis community.

With this combination, Highlife Media and CannaImpact will promote vigorous growth for our marketing clients while ensuring the cannabis culture remains energetic, positive, and fun.

About CannaImpact

CannaImpact creates leading cannabis brands by providing creative solutions and growth strategies for cannabis ventures. We design for the rapid pace of change that businesses require to win in today’s global landscape.

We’re strategic experts and creative explorers who are committed to solving complex design and marketing challenges. Since our launch, we’ve helped dozens of clients launch and transform their organizations, from creating brand strategies to launching targeted growth campaigns.

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