With an increasing number of countries around the world passing laws to regulate the usage of weed, many entrepreneurs have seen the opportunity to be part of the industry and open new cannabis startups.  

Although some countries and states allow physical dispensaries to operate, cannabis businesses nowadays are mostly based online. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a user looking for the best cannabis or CBD products, the following companies are certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Eaze: Cannabis Delivered Right to your Doorstep

If you live in the state of California you might already be familiar with the cannabis dispensaries present in most major cities. While some might be lucky to have one close to their home, others might find it difficult to reach a dispensary and get their cannabis products.


As its name indicates, Eaze arrived in the market with the purpose of making access to cannabis more accessible for anyone. This platform acts as a bridge between consumers and licensed cannabis dispensaries, allowing companies to deliver their products door-to-door using a safe and reliable application.

Among the many benefits that Eaze brings to both users and companies, having a live-tracking system for every order, as well as an age verification method on each purchase are certainly great innovations that can help cannabis market thrive across the country.

Treez: The Software Every Cannabis Company Should Have

Whether you are a small entrepreneur or the owner of a large cannabis dispensary, Treez is the perfect software to keep control of your business and expand it to reach new customers. Treez has been developed to provide POS and inventory management solutions for cannabis business owners, having industry-specific features that cover every step of the process; from seeds to final products.

Managing any kind of business is not an easy task. However, Treez is designed to be user-friendly and provide technological solutions that allow users to track their company´s performance and manage it with relevant and reliable information. Nowadays, the Treez software is managing up to $1B in sales every year across the United States.


Confident Cannabis: Laboratory Testing Made Easy

One of the first steps every cannabis company must take before offering their products to the public is performing laboratory tests. Confident Cannabis is a revolutionary tool that streamlines this process for business owners, allowing them to easily send samples to trusted labs and receive the results through a user-friendly interface.

The Confident Cannabis team does not manipulate your batches in every form. This software is designed to connect cannabis businesses with certified laboratories from across the country. Having your products tested is not only required by law, but it also makes your business trustable in the eyes of new customers.

LeafLink: The Largest Online Marketplace for Wholesale Cannabis

Whether you own a retailer or a cannabis brand, finding reliable wholesale suppliers of quality cannabis can be a challenging task. LeafLink was established in 2016, and nowadays they are the main suppliers of more than 2500 retailers across the United States.

The main advantage of LeafLink over other traditional supply methods is the company’s intuitive software, which allows you to place large orders and keep track of their current status online. Their services are completely free for retailers, which can also request samples of each product before placing their final order.

Flower CO: Online Memberships for Cannabis Users

Anyone who has tried to buy cannabis online will certainly agree that it can be hard to find quality products at attractive prices. Flower CO was established with the goal of offering premium cannabis products at wholesale prices, helping users save time and money and bringing more customers to the best retailers in the country.

To gain access to Flower CO’s menu, users need to pay for one of two yearly memberships. The Green package allows you to order Flowers, Pre-rolls and Edibles, while the Gold membership grants access to all these as well as Live Resin, Shatter and Cartridges.

While some users might not initially like the idea of buying a membership before ordering their cannabis products online, the fact is that this website can help regular customers save time and money. All the products available at Flower CO are offered at the most competitive prices and comply with the strictest quality standards.

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