Starting to grow your own cannabis plants is both an exciting and challenging experience. After doing extensive research on the ideal conditions and setting up the perfect spot, you develop a routine to take care of your plants, water them regularly and harvest the leaves once they are ready. While this is an enjoyable and relaxing hobby, it can be hard for busy people to properly maintain their indoor cannabis plants, making home grow boxes a great investment.

It is somewhat surprising to imagine that it is nowadays possible to grow almost any vegetable, herb or plant in fully automated devices that can be controlled through our phones or embedded intelligent systems. If you are thinking about getting your own home grow box and start growing cannabis plants, you should certainly consider the following 5 amazing devices:

Seedo´s Auto Home Grow Device

Seedo´s Home Grow Box is one of the most advanced devices you can get in the market. This small growing machine is entirely automated and can be controlled using a free app available for iPhones and Android smartphones. Apart from keeping all the lighting, temperature and humidity conditions at optimal levels, this device is completely hermetic and keeps any pests or bugs away from affecting your plant while preventing leakages or smells.

One of the coolest features of the Seedo device is its high definition internal camera, which allows you to track the progress of your plants without having to open the chamber and expose them to the environment. This intelligent grow box is ideal for small-scale consumers and can accommodate two or three cannabis plants at a time.

BC Northern Lights´ “BloomBox”

Another popular home grow box available in the market is BC Northern Lights´ BloomBox. This device has two separate compartments for sprouting your seeds and flowering the plants. While it doesn’t have an HD camera or a mobile application, this device is great for larger growers with 32 cubic feet of usable space.

Apart from the usual CO2, humidity and lighting controls, a great feature for cannabis growers is the BloomBox´s lock system, which ensures your plants are kept safe and private. Furthermore, Northern Lights offers a free customer service line for buyers which is available every day for any questions regarding how to setup or use their devices.

SuperCloset´s “SuperFlower 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet”

With an LED system and a large vertical space ideal for tall plants, the SuperFlower 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet is one of the most popular devices among cannabis growers. While this grow box is only able to hold two or three plants, it also has a lock system, a carbon filter and efficient HPS lighting which won´t make your electricity bill skyrocket.

Perhaps the most innovative feature of this device is its ability to grow plants in soil or hydroponically. While relatively small, this grow cabinet has a system that allows plants to grow faster, healthier and bigger without requiring much regular maintenance.

BC Northern Lights’ “The Producer”

Another popular device made by BC Northern Lights is “The Producer”. This grow box is perfect for larger scale growers, as it can hold up to 18 plants at a time. Just as the “BloomBox”, this device has a lock system and an easy to clean aluminium body. While it does not have a separate sprouting chamber, it is the best product for growers who want higher yields in a relatively small space.


This BC Northern Lights grow box is controlled by an embedded computer which allows you to regulate the light, humidity, pH levels and air circulation conditions of your plants. With little regular maintenance required, it is certainly a great choice for medium and large-scale cannabis growers.

SuperCloset´s “SuperLocker 3.0 Grow Cabinet”

The smallest and therefore most discrete grow box in this list is SuperCloset´s “SuperLocker 3.0 Grow Cabinet”. This device also has a dual chamber which allows the germination and growth process to be carried out separately. One of the best features of SuperCloset devices is the possibility to add optional elements such as an intelligent monitor, a CO2 kit or a stealth water filter. Users can also choose between HPS or LED lighting system, as well as hydroponic or soil growing methods.

As it can hold up to 8 plants at a time, this device is perfect for small scale growers who want a discreet and easy to use device which does not take too much space. As the rest of SuperCloset’s devices, this grow box has a lock system and the most energy-efficient lighting.

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