5 Companies Making Ordering Cannabis Hassle Free

Long gone are the days when ordering cannabis was unnecessarily complicated, overly expensive, and sometimes dangerous. The steadily increasing number of countries, regions, and states with legalized cannabis is inspiring an innovative entrepreneurial boom.

Cannabis ordering and delivery is no exception. Check out these 5 companies whose mission is to make the cannabis ordering process as easy for the customer as possible. Each one has a different perspective and focus, but all of them keep the cannabis experience modern and fresh.


The Farm is a Colorado-based dispensary with a sister medical marijuana dispensary. The Farm originated as a medical dispensary and expanded to include recreational use following the passage of Amendment 64.

The Farm prides itself on maintaining the highest quality setting an example in compliance at local and state levels. They are active in the movement to legalize cannabis nationally in the United States.

The Farm offers a highly responsive, modern online shopping interface. While The Farm does not deliver or ship cannabis (as part of their dedication to safety and compliance), they do offer same-day pre-order pick up at their dispensary. Their website boasts high-quality photos and descriptions of all available products, as well as clear quantity and pricing breakdowns.

The Farm’s online interface is a great example of a dispensary committed to professionalism and upholding the law, while simultaneously giving the best possible service to their local customers.


Cannabis NL is the sole online proprietor of recreational cannabis in the Canadian province of Newfoundland. Cannabis NL is the line of business within the Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation that regulates non-medical cannabis.

The website features more than 9 different brands. You can also shop by product, selecting from dried whole flowers, pre-rolls, capsules, and topical oils. Or, if you want to grow your own – cloning plants and seeds will be available soon.

Your order goes through Cannabis NL straight to the brand(s) you have chosen to shop with. From there, the supplier processes and ships your order to you.

In short, Cannabis NL serves as a central hub for shopping and education about cannabis. The purpose of this company is to ensure the regulation of online cannabis sales in Newfoundland. It makes ordering cannabis quick and easy while maintaining the safety of all online consumers.


Vireo Health New York is part of the Vireo Health Network. Vireo Health focuses on connecting people who need medical marijuana with qualified doctors who can support them, and then getting those patients the medicine they need.

Vireo Health has an online shopping portal where you can order various cannabis-based medicines for pick up or delivery to their county network. Vireo Health is even offering free delivery for a limited time to select areas. They emphasize the importance of getting this medicine to the patients who need it, and often those who need it most are unable to leave their homes to visit a greenhouse or dispensary.

New York is only a medical marijuana state, and you won’t find anything remotely recreational about Vireo Health New York’s interface or content. For now, they are purely focused on the medicinal benefits of cannabis. However, they are well positioned to expand to include recreational products if New York fully legalizes in the future.


If you love the easy scrolling and selection of food delivery on apps like Grubhub and Doordash, you will love Stemless. Stemless takes everything great about food service apps and translates it into the cannabis industry.

Stemless offers both home delivery and pick up options, depending on your location and local regulations. You can order and pay online (with select exceptions) with a quick no-line in store pick up, or get your order delivered straight to your door with tracking in recreational states where shipping cannabis is permitted.

Portland-based Stemless is United States focused with an emphasis in recreational states. However, Stemless has a progressive and innovative business model that improves on several well-established conventions. It has garnered positive press and heavy hitting investors and is likely to rapidly expand with each new legalization.


Weedmaps is part Yelp, part Facebook, part Reddit, and all cannabis. Weedmaps’ business model is not in cannabis delivery, but instead it connects you to those who do.

They refer to themselves as an online community where medical marijuana patients can connect with doctors and dispensaries, and recreational users can trade notes about strains, shops, and gadgets.

Weedmaps features an in-depth online map system where you can search for dispensaries near you who deliver, doctors who are nearby, storefronts to visit, and even whether or not a location is handicap accessible.