Introducing, the first annual CannaImpact Cannabis Innovation Awards. 

The CannaImpact Cannabis Innovation Awards are designed to honor global cannabis companies and business trailblazers deserving recognition for industry innovation. It’s time we give long-overdue recognition to contributions made by individuals and organizations in the cannabis industry. Join us as we celebrate this incredible emerging industry by placing the spotlight on entrepreneurs and ventures helping push the industry forward.

Now’s the time to apply for the CannaImpact Cannabis Innovation Awards (CCIA) 2019. Open to cutting-edge cannabis industry startups from across the globe. the prestigious CannaImpact Cannabis Innovation Awards can help your Cannabis-tech startup gain invaluable exposure and help reach the next level in your startup journey. 


Every entry will be seen by CannaImpact as well as our panel of judges which include leading media publishers, analysts and marketers. Winners, finalists, and honorable mentions will all appear on CannaImpact as well as media exposure on our partner’s media sites and social channels. Additionally, the winners will be announced and celebrated at our end of year event in Tel Aviv, Israel.


  • Most Innovative Recreational Cannabis Startup
  • Most Innovative Medical Cannabis Startup
  • Most Innovative Recreational Cannabis Product
  • Most Innovative Cannabis Industry Professional
  • Most Innovative in Grow Tech (Growing / Harvesting / Cultivation)
  • Most Innovative Dispensary 
  • Most Innovative Marketing Campaign
  • Most Innovative Packaging
  • Most Innovative CBD Product
  • Most Innovative Media / Publisher


  • August 29th – Nominations Open
  • October 31st – Nominations Deadline (Closes)
  • November 30th – Shortlist Announced
  • December 18th- Winners Announced



The 2019 CannaImpact Cannabis Innovation Awards nominations will be independently judged and voted on by our amazing panel of industry experts. 

Kfir Kahlon – Investments Principal and Cannabis-Tech Lead, OurCrowd

Branden Hampton – CEO @Weedhumor

Marco Cadisch – Owner of Highlife Media Consulting

Ofer Shoshani – Founder & Editor In Chief at CBD Testers

Ma’ayan Weisberg Joels – Intl Relations Manager at Tikun Olam

Narkis Tessler – CEO at TeraCann

Javier Hasse – Managing Director at Benzinga


Our panel of industry expert judges will review applications in each product category. The scores are combined resulting in a cumulative score for each submission category.


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