Running a creative agency, one of the things we always need more of is generating press. More traffic. More awareness. More exposure. More customers. You get the idea.

Generating news stories on an ongoing basis is hard work. Make no mistake about it. Add to the fact that the cannabis industry is in constant change, complicated and unpredictable, and well, you can see why we had to think bigger.

Creative strategies for cannabis ventures is always our top priority at CannaImpact, and although we create B2B content, we believe that we can deliver much more value to the cannabis industry.

So we’re starting a new phase of the CannaImpact business…

Rather than solely creating our own content in-house, CannaImpact has developed partnerships with up and coming cannabis industry media publishers in order to scale our growth, increase our reach, and offer targeted exposure for our clients, effectively saving brands time and effort.

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the CannaImpact Media Network and the introduction of our initial media partners.


As a professional doula, Ozzie, founder of OOV.LIFE is seasoned in providing guidance to those looking for alternatives to traditional healthcare.  In 2010, Ozzie founded Alternative Mothers Group and later sat on the board of advisors for Marin County’s first free-standing birth center.  As she became more public about her cannabis consumption, her community met her with support and curiosity. Oov Lifestyle was born soon thereafter, starting with events and later expanding into media.  Ozzie is a natural community builder who believes by creating safe spaces and fostering positive dialogue, we can celebrate non-conventional health and lifestyle decisions. She is excited to join Cannaimpact Media Network to continue to reach curious, new and returning consumers of cannabis, with relatable and informative content.


Strain Insider is a fast-growing Cannabis online magazine, that thrives to combine business related topics with lifestyle-focused content. Overall, the Cannabis sector is heavily dependent on its consumer circle, meaning that education is a necessary task to push forward Cannabis friendly legislation. We are glad to be part of the CannaImpact Media Network, since we believe that our visions are highly compatible and cooperation is, therefore, a rational choice for an effective business development.

HITVAPE part of the CannaImpact media network is a media that serves as an independent forum and voice for the Cannabis and Vape industry. Hitvape provides short-form coverage about trends affecting leisure and medical cannabis consumption.

CannaImpact is largely focused on curating a diverse portfolio of media sites and influencers. Cultivating cannabis media channels and working with leading publishers allows us to more effectively increase our client’s reach an intelligent and value-added manner. Above all, these partnerships are extremely important because CannaImpact and our partners are working towards the same mission: to help empower both cannabis consumers and entrepreneurs.



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